Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Day After

Well, how was your Christmas? Our day was pretty great! The 3 of us were up early and opened the few gifts from each other. DS knew about his Craftsman tool set, and spent an hour on the floor getting the drawers organized. DH and I bought one of those picture printers, so we spent time trying to figure that out. Then it was to MIL's for breakfast and exchanging with all of them.

Dinner was 3:00 at our house. We had 8 people and 2 dogs. I received a wonderful phone call from Tammy (cereneone) just before we sat down! I probably sounded like an idiot, but it was SO nice to hear her voice!! Everyone was stuffed by the time dinner was over I think. In the morning I made the deviled eggs, and DS put them downstairs in the garage refrigerator...or so I thought. Instead of putting them in the fridge, he put them in the FREEZER. They were hard as hockey pucks! LOL

The dogs got along great again! It's nice to know that Nina will behave around other dogs. There were a few playful growls, and one or two real "get outta my way" growls, but they settled down, and during dinner, Nina even fell asleep under the table! BIL/SIL left to drive back to northern VA. MIL/FIL left to go home, probably to sleep on the couch. I needed a nap myself. DH ended up getting a nap....I just sorta dozed on the couch.

Tonight we are going out to dinner with some friends of ours from church, and the in-laws. We have all known each other for YEARS and Sunday at church, we made plans for Tuesday night. That should be lots of fun. I need to call another couple and see if they want to join us, but figure it's too early to call! LOL

Not much else on tap for today.....my body needs some more rest and some ibuprofen I think. I am looking online for some GREAT sales....if they aren't GREAT, I don't need it!! LOL I did get 8 bras from Lane Bryant for $34. They have a B2G2Free, plus I had a 30% off code - you even get the 30% off the free ones! LOL I've never purchased from them, and I had a hard time finding something in my size, as they have mostly larger sizes, but hopefully these will work.