Saturday, December 02, 2006

On any normal day, I can see and hear these awesome planes in the sky. The picture above is of an F-15 and an F-22 Raptor. They are flying over Langley AFB, which is in Hampton, VA (where I live). Where I work, we get a nice long view of the aircraft taking off. Thursday night, coming out of work, I counted 10 planes taking off, one right after the other. The angles they take off at, and the speed, is just amazing. I LOVE to see these guys take off and then bank around real sharp and fly off. It reminds me - of FREEDOM.

Not only during this time of year, but ALL year, we need to remember our men and women in the military, and those that are fighting overseas for not just our freedom, but others as well. But when I see and hear the planes take off at Langley, most times I think to myself "GO GET EM BOYS" - not that they are going to go and get anyone....but they are preparing the event that they need to. To protect us, on American soil. Or to help protect others, on foreign soil.

If you feel led to do so.... the following website has a way for you to express your support of the troops. A dog tag will be sent to a member of armed forces serving in Iraq. It will have your name on it, along with the message of "Don't Believe the Liberal Media, America Supports Our Troops". They will also send you a dog tag to remind you to pray for our troops and their safe return home.

The website is:

It's not a matter of whether you believe the war is right, wrong, or if you have no opinion whatsoever. It's our men and women in uniform - AMERICAN CITIZENS. Normal folks like you and me, that have left their homes, families, jobs and the safety and security of home....and they are doing it for you and me. The least we can do, is offer our prayers and let them know we love and support them.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Suz! We've sent ours! How neat to be able to see those planes all the time!