Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's been gorgeous here the past few days - highs in the 70's (I know, don't shoot me). Tomorrow though...changes are coming.....rain is coming, and a cold front. Saturday, it's supposed to be a high of 50!

DS and I have been going rounds the past 2 days. He had lost his cell phone and I looked all over last night for it....even in his pigsty of what is supposed to be his bedroom. Told him that Saturday, make no plans, as we are going in there - I might need a mask and gloves, but so be it! We all stomped off last night, the 3 of us going to opposite points in the house! LOL Today when I got home, I asked him if he had it taken at school and didn't want me to know....well....he didn't like that and told me he DIDN'T KNOW WHERE IT WAS AND WAS TIRED OF ME ASKING. So, I informed him that he seemed to not care about it and that I wasn't paying $200 to cancel his phone service. He stomps off upstairs and, I KID you not...5 minutes later he comes down with his cell phone. It had fallen between his mattress and his headboard.

We are taking the car in to Nissan tomorrow, the airbag light is blinking. According to the manual, that means it's a malfunction of some sort. So, we are getting that looked at - should be covered under warranty.

The in-laws made it home safe and sound. They missed us, and their dogs. I stopped off after work and gave Mom a HUGE hug! I really have MISSED her.

Off to watch Biggest Loser. I just couldn't stay awake last night to finish it!