Sunday, December 03, 2006

These are the Willow Tree ornaments I received from Kaye in the ornament exchange at Living Sacrifice BB - Angel of Friendship first, and Angel of Prayer next. They are the only 2 on my tree at the moment. Some of the pre-strung lights aren't working, so we need to pick up a few strands and add to it.
So, we have the tree up (although not decorated). Santa is outside, welcoming visitors, as well as hanging on the front door. I also have a wreath up over the fireplace and some decorations on the shelves over the fireplace. My ceramic Christmas tree is lit...does anyone know where I can find some of the plastic bulbs that go on ceramic Christmas trees??

DH has been busy as well today. This afternoon he replaced the light on the outside back deck. It was in serious need of replacing too. We've only been in this house 7 years, but it was built in 1988, and ya know...things are starting to need fixing!!

DS room was cleaned today (GROSS) and I must be on the 8th load of laundry. I pulled 2 bags of trash out of his room, we went thru some clothes he can no longer wear, and managed to get his dresser fixed and organized. He just finished vacuuming, so hopefully it will stay neat for one night?????

Not much else going on...I'm exhausted and someone else is cooking dinner tonight. Not sure who (or from where), but it's not gonna be me! LOL


Andrew & Dawn said...

Love the ornaments Suz! Very pretty. I miss Kaye! D