Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving!
It doesn't seem like Thanksgiving, especially since I'm sitting here in the middle of a nor-easter. Now if it was snow, that would be different, it would DEFINITELY feel like Thanksgiving then....but rain, and high water...nope, I'm over it. Told DH I was 'almost' ready to move...3 storms in 3 mos is enough for me! LOL Give me a house away from the water, I'll be happy....well, maybe :)

Tomorrow marks 7 years in this current house. It's hard to believe it's been that long! We spent 14 years in our house before this one, but the one now definitely feels like home. 95% of the time it's wonderful, just not during hurricanes, tropical storms and nor-easters!
DS had school today - 1/2 day, he gets out around 10:45 and I'm worried he won't make it home safely. When we came back from the grocery store this morning (DH and I hit it up around 7 am) the water was already covering one road coming in. I can imagine what it looks like right now! If you remember the pictures from back in October of that storm, well, we have that much water surrounding us again right now. We told DS to not try it in if it was bad, to go to Nanny's house (former sitter) and wait it out....he of course said "I have a Jeep, it'll make it thru 4 feet of water"....~sigh~ Soooo, I worry until I hear from him or see him.

Hope ya'll have a GREAT and SAFE Thanksgiving! We leave tomorrow going to my Dad's house in Farmville, VA and wil be back Friday. V will be staying here taking care of Nina dog. He said he wanted to stay at our house to get away from his family! LOL Wish we had an extra room, I'd just let him move in here!



SunnySusan said...

Have a great "stuffing" day Suz

Hope the weather gets better to drive in tomorrow for ya

Sara said...

Just discovered you have a blog, will add you to my blogroll:) Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!