Friday, September 15, 2006

It's been such a loooooong week. I'm so glad today is Friday. No big plans for the weekend either, which is nice. Although we do have work to do around the house - and it's supposed to be GORGEOUS!!! YEAH!

DS needs to get his Jeep put back together, so that we can take it somewhere to have it looked at. The boys can't really find out what the problem is, so I guess a visit to the car dr is in order! LOL Wonder how expensive that will be!

Not much else going has been crazy, as we had an important deadine on Tuesday, but it should settle down now until mid-October. I'm glad, cause I sure do enjoy leaving at 4:00 each day and having a home life.

I really haven't had time to stitch lately. Did so last Sunday afternoon watching football, and will probably stitch this Sunday while Nascar/Football is on. It seems Sunday afternoons are my only stitching days, but that is my fault. At night I get to reading blogs, or boards and then I go upstairs and watch tv in bed - and I just can't stitch while in bed!



SunnySusan said...

Here's to a relaxing weekend.......for all of us.