Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Dr's visit Monday was good. He was pleased with my x-rays - said they did not show any form of degeneration or arthritis, and no disc out of place. On the negative side though that means that there is a tear that has to heal. Since I am feeling better each day, that is another positive. He wants me to just continue what I've been doing for another 3-4 weeks. Now is the time that most people get back into their routine, and the reinjury rate is high, so he said to take my time and "remember" that I need to watch how I bend and move.

Guess that means DH needs to keep vacumning for me! LOL He doesn't mind, and really, does a better job than I do. He cleaned the carpet for me Saturday and it looks awesome! This weekend we have several outdoor projects that need to be done. It's always something! LOL

We've had the a/c off the past 2 days, but having to turn back on today. You can definitely tell fall is coming though. The mornings are a little darker and the sun sets sooner in the evening.



SunnySusan said...

Please keep aware of your are soooooo right about re-injuring it.

My DH is such a help to me also when I hurt and need the help.......we are blessed