Sunday, August 20, 2006

It's been busy around here, but mainly at work. This week starts an upgrade and also adding a whole new system to our software. It's the beginning of the process for the analysts to begin working from home, so I'm excited. Just nervous that it all goes well....and I'm not even in charge of it! LOL

Friday we had a GTG with the department to celebrate all the August birthdays and my 25th anniversary with the company. Lunch was fun and then there was cake - in the shape of a 2 and a 5. Decorated very pretty and it was really good. It's been awhile since I've had cake! At 5 year intervals, employees get to pick out a gift, and I picked a Citizen watch. So I received that too.

There hasn't been any stitching, but I'm going to work on that in a few, once the Nascar race starts. I've been working on getting the house straight for my Taste of Home party this coming weekend. With my back hurting, I have to clean when it allows. I'm seriously thinking it's arthritis in my lower back. It only hurts mainly in the morning, and after 3 naproxen, around 11 it feels much better. I had a thought this morning to take the naproxen when I go to bed, so I'm going to try that tonight to see if my back feels better in the am. Yeah, I'm slow! LOL

Thanks to everyone that voted in my survey of what to stitch! At least I know my blog gets a little traffic. So here's my next question..for those of you that digiscrap, where do I start? What program do you use and where's the best place to get the goods??



Sarah said...

I have a friend who was recently diganosed with arthritis in her lower back. Her Doctor has her take a large Motrin in the morning, and then a Tylenol in the mid afternoon to carry her to dinner time when she can take more motrin. She said she had been taking motrin on her own but it was the tylenol that kind of bridged the gap.

I really like Aleve and find it helps with a lot of aches and pains but my stomach doesn't like it.

Congrats on your job anniversary. That is quite an accomplishment!!