Monday, August 28, 2006

Weekend update - had a GREAT Taste of Home Entertaining party! GC Cathy (from a non-stitching BB) was a great presenter and her friend Jodi was a hoot. The company has very nice quality products - I was very impressed with the style.

DH and I worked hard on the house, at least getting the downstairs presentable! LOL You'd think with as much dog hair I found, there wouldn't be any left on the dog! ! ! However I think I overdid it some, as I now have a pinched sciatic nerve. It's been giving me trouble for the past 2 weeks and I've been babying it, but now I'm on rest and some really GOOD drugs for a few days!

So, I'm home today and DH is working from home so he can "watch me" he says - he knows how I am. Every time I make a move he's asking me where I'm going, or what I think I'm doing! LOL Most of the time I tell him I'm getting up to tinkle (but I don't use that word)! LOL He cleaned up the kitchen yesterday, took the trash out, let the dog out, etc. It was quite nice watching him! LOL