Sunday, May 21, 2006

What a difference a day makes...well, actually, what a difference just a pill makes! Thursday night when I came home, Nina dog was in a LOT of pain. She hurt her back about a month ago, and had been on anti-inflammatory and pain meds. You'd think after a month all would be good, but I had given her the last of her anti-inflammatory pills on Tuesday. Thursday evening each time she moved, she just yelped! I just cried.

Friday, after Googling, and finding out what she was taking was generic Rimadyl - which our old dog was on and I realized that gee, she will be on these probably for the rest of her life...I called the vet and sure enough, he refilled them for me ~sigh~ Perhaps he did tell me when we took her in a month ago that this was to be, but I was upset that day and if he did tell me, I don't remember it...but anyway.....she seems back to NORMAL (which is about 90%) she still doesn't jump up on the bed like she used to, but that's OK, I'll pick her up and put her there.

The picture above was shot today .... she loves going outside in the mornings and evenings, as that's when the rabbits are out, and once she gets a whiff of them.....well, let's just say the neighbors KNOW she's outside then! LOL

In other news:

We bought a new dryer yesterday, now the laundry room is COMPLETELY cleaned out, and nice and pristine! I hand scrubbed the kitchen and first floor bath floors today, they look amazing. We have family coming this weekend, can you tell! LOL

Work is going well, I'm taking off Friday 1/2 day (hopefully, unless the JCAHO inspectors come this week), and on Tuesday after Memorial Day, I start my new (old) job! YEAH - my hours will be 7:30 - 4:00 - O.M.G. and if I work over, I actually GET PAID for it!!

Stitching, I've worked on Mermaids of the Deep Blue this weekend. I bought the kreinik's for it, and a few other things for my SS, plus a few things for ME! I'm still needing one order in, and ~sniff~ I HOPE IT COMES SOON! What I wanted to stitch for my SS is in that order!!!

DS and V have been working on their vehicles this weekend. DS is installing a new sub in his Jeep. He left the windows down one night and well, lets just say he learned a valuable lesson!! Although I will give him credit, he has paid for the new stuff himself!! I have steak and shrimp for dinner tonight, so they will be over soon I'm sure! LOL