Thursday, May 25, 2006


Work - moved offices today...I'm back in my old office, with my new/old job. New boss and I were talking yesterday, and she said if you want to take some time off, go ahead, cause come mid-June, we are gonna be rollin' I said "well, I was going to ask you if I could take Tuesday off too", and she said'm off 1/2 day tomorrow (Friday), then go back on Wednesday....!!!!!

Home - BIL's aren't coming in this weekend, darn all the cleaning I've been doing, I guess we will have to enjoy it! LOL I'm looking forward to the weekend, family in or not. It's V's 18th birthday (kinda, sorta adopted son)....and we bought him a Dale Jr football jersey, plus will give him some $. His family is not throwing him a party, so I'm thinking we will make it special.

Stitching - yeah, right. Actually, I've been working on my SS project.

That's about it!!