Monday, May 29, 2006

Why is it everything seems to break at once?

Last week was the dryer, now this week, it's the dishwasher!! ~sigh~ DH spent most of the morning checking it out and seeing if it was fixable or not. We believe it's the motor in the dishwasher, and at this point, it's 16 years old, original to the house, which we've owned since 1999. Soooo, methinks it's time for a new dishwasher!

We need a new stove also, but the one we have is still working, although the oven is a bit wonky at times......dishwasher first, then new stove perhaps by the end of summer (I'll have lots of OT by then)!!

We had a nice, quiet weekend really. Saturday was spent just around the house, being lazy, after grocery shopping. DH and I napped and stayed up late to watch the Busch race. Sunday afternoon was Indy and the Coca Cola 600. I actually stayed up till the end of that one too!! LOL Got a LOT of stitching done Sunday afternoon/evening on Mermaids of the Deep Blue. It's coming along nicely!! Will try and get a progres picture up soon.

Today was supposed to be catch up, but the dishwasher changed those plans. I've got laundry in now.

I AM off work tomorrow (thanks to my new boss)!! MIL and I are going for pedicures and a Curves workout. I start WW again in earnest tomorrow!!!

DH has another sty in his eye. Anyone know any good remedies??



Sarah said...

Has he tried warm compresses on the sty? That's the best one I can think of. Has his eyes been bugging him lately? When my allergies flare up and I'm itching my eyes a lot, I will get a sty from rubbing dirt around, no matter how clean I try to keep my hands.

Sorry about the dishwasher :(

Thanks again for the birthday wish! It meant a lot :D