Sunday, May 14, 2006

Work is kicking my behind since I'm in transition to a new job. I'm trying to finish things up with the old job, and get things organized for the new. Fortunately (or unfortunately depending...) my new job will be one office back from where I am now. I'm basically going BACK to my old job that I had 6 mos ago...although even it has changed over the past 6 months...which is a GOOD thing. I will just need to get used to the changes!! Plus I will be reporting to someone 25 miles away - kinda like a telecommute! But, it's all good.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms! My mom has passed away, but a I have a TERRIFIC MIL. DH delivered gifts to her yesterday. My DS gave me a hug this morning and a kiss on the cheek, which for a 16 year old I thought was pretty good! LOL

DH gave me an azalea and a wonderful card. We grilled out hamburgers and hot dogs before it started raining.