Thursday, March 02, 2006

So far so good this week! It's amazing how much better I feel too! Monday I had a health assessment - cholesterol and bp bp was 144/100 - and I had a headache all day. I wonder why! But I stuck to the WW plan, and have for 4 days now. Although I haven't gotten in as much exercise as I've wanted, I am seeing a move downward in the scale :) :) :) I've said it before, the plan works, when ya stick to it! LOL Oh, the hula hoop and I are becoming good friends though....and I love it when I can hula hoop and Tivo thru the shows.

Subway has opened up a small shop here at the hospital. It smells SO DARN GOOD. I love the smell of fresh baked bread! DS and I are going to have subs tonight...he is having a turkey bacon and I will be having a veggie delite. A 6 inch veggie on wheat is 4 pts :)

Haven't managed to get a stitch in this week during the evenings, but will be doing so tonight. There's several shows TIVO'ed, plus tonight is Survivor, although I missed it last I may watch something else and save it for another day. Still haven't picked up Walk the Line, but the plan for DH and I is Saturday night is ours and watching Walk the Line together.