Sunday, February 26, 2006

The time has come for me to get back on WW. I've been so SLACK since the holidays...and it's showing. My smaller clothes don't fit anymore. I have about 5-6 pairs of pants I can't get into...darn it. So.... I've been purging the kitchen this weekend, and buying OP foods. I even bought salad stuff so I can take it for lunch (and not spend $$ in the cafeteria on their salads). Hula hooped for 30 mins tonight too! Bag is packed for Curves tomorrow. On the nights I can't make it to Curves - due to work - then my plan is to hula hoop for 30 mins and use some free weights, or walk with DH.

I get so po'ed at myself though, when I think of how far I had come, and now I've gained some back. I just need to get over that I guess, and get on with the losing again. WW works for me so well, when I do the program. That's the key...staying on the program!! LOL Imagine that!!

We had a good weekend I guess! DS spent Friday evening with his GF and family celebrating her birthday. DH and I went out to the bookstore and to dinner. Saturday I took DS to buy his GF a present. He gave it to her today, and the verdict was she liked it (I'll find out the real deal from her mom tomorrow at work) LOL

We are Tivo'ing Dancing With the Stars, so DH is about ready to go start watching. NASCAR race was uneventful really - except for Tony blowing up :) :) :) Jeff ended up out of the top 10 but finished better than last week, so he's moving up. I really like listening to the in-car audio. I've had it as a trial for the past 2 races. Only thing is, they don't have all the drivers...only about 10 or so. We can't listen to Tony - much to DH's dismay. I did manage to figure out how to listen to 2 drivers at once, so I listened to Dale Jr and Jeff. THAT was cool.

Stitching wise - I've been working on Laura's quilt square. I chose the candle from Royal Holiday, as that was one of her WIP's. It's coming along nicely.