Sunday, February 19, 2006


According to, it was a frosty 18 degrees this morning when I got up. It's now up to a balmy 23 degrees! I think a fire in the fireplace will DEFINITELY be on the agenda for today!! Good Lord, when did we move North? LOL

A positive for TODAY!!! It's time to hear those most famous words in motorsports: "GENTLEMEN, START YOUR ENGINES"!! Thank GOODNESS, Nascar is BACK!

I figured out what to stitch for Laura's quilt square, since I wasn't finding anything Canadian flag related I liked....I picked the candle from Royal Holiday. It was a WIP for her, so I think that will be appropriate.

Off to put the kettle on for tea. I believe I hear Earl Grey calling me, or maybe English Breakfast. Either way, I think this morning is definitely a 2-cup morning!



Melissa said...

I think that's a great choice for Laura's quilt, Suz. Try to stay warm!

ass2006 said...

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