Friday, February 17, 2006


Do you think I'm ready for the weekend? LOL I had to work last weekend, so I am READY for this one. I'm going to enjoy it too! Monday I'm off on vacation, to take DS to the Dr and to wait for the heating guy.... an extra day for me!

They are calling for snow *maybe*. The "snow hope" index is at an 8 by the weather guy, so here's a wish for S N O W! I WANT SNOW - at least once this season!!

We are hosting an Associational meeting here today at our hospital. This is my first one, so I'm a bit nervous. My former boss will be here too...~sigh~ She is still working 2 days a week, in another department.....for a few more weeks.....or so they say. I keep thinking maybe one day I will not have to work in her shadow.

DH has had a cra**y week. 3 days in Richmond, and 2 in Baltimore. He's hoping to get home late tonight. I figure with traffic out of DC on a 3 day weekend, he may as well wait until later in the evening to come home. Luckily he does have 2 brothers in the area, so he can visit for awhile if he needs to! LOL

My stitching is calling me, LOUDLY! I need to get to Joanne's and get 2 pieces a aida *ick* for 2 obligation quilts. I need to focus on those 2 pieces while working on MotP too. The key word there is F O C U S!

More later!