Friday, March 03, 2006

Just a quick post! I hopped on the scales this morning, my usual WI is on Mondays....just to see how things were going.......and.......I'm down 4 lbs so far! :) :) :)

DH has been in NC this week and comes home tonight........I've missed him this trip, and am really anxious for him to get home! My sleep is really disrupted when he's not there. Don't know why....but it just is. Guess I'm just more comfortable knowing he's in the house with me! DS - well it doesn't bother him.........of course he's usually up late playing computer games anyway! LOL

Plans for the weekend are to get some stitching time in!! I REALLY need me some stitching time! Tomorrow is hopefully movie night (Walk the Line).



SunnySusan said...

Good loss, Suz