Sunday, January 01, 2006

~~~~~Happy New Year~~~~~

I actually managed to stay up and ring in the New Year! Folks in the neighborhood were setting off fire works before midnight.....then once midnight rolled around, there weren't was dead silence. DH and I were like "what the heck, did they run out"? LOL

DS finally made it home around 2:00. He and his friend V had been hired by V's parents to drive them to a couple's house for dinner/drinks/fireworks, etc and back home. It wasn't that far away from home, but far enough....and I was a COMPLETE nervous wreck!!

DH and I did make it out to dinner last night for our anniversary! We celebrated at the place we had our first date. His mom had to drive us, as we were both too young to drive at that point!! Luckily, we didn't have that problem this time! DH had chicken parmagana and I had baked spaghetti....we both brought take out boxes home, it's so much food!



SunnySusan said...

I am so glad you got to go out with your DH for your 22nd. That in this time is a testimony of God.