Monday, January 02, 2006

Last day of vacation!

It's back to work/school/etc tomorrow. I won't say what DS's friend V said about tomorrow! LOL (i.e., it's back to ---- time)....he really does NOT like school.

MIL and I splurged and went for pedicures this morning. Made us both feel GOOD. I may need something to make me feel good from the looks of work e-mails etc. Jan/Feb are going to be BUSY. YUCK

DH and I hit up the grocery store. Stocked up on food for he and I and our diet plans. He is limiting himself to "X" number of calories a day, I'm on WW. So we are good for the rest of the week. I picked up Campbell's soups and Lean Cuisines, plus yogurt, carrots and cottage cheese and fruit. I can always get a fresh salad at work if I need to.

We are just chilling and watching football, I'm trying to get in an hour of stitching time today. Put in 2 hours yesterday, while watching the Redskins WIN!



Kiwi Jo said...

Three cheers for the Redskins!!