Sunday, June 12, 2005

Over 2 years ago, when coming home from Costco, I lost my engagement ring. I have a habit of "fiddling" with my rings sometimes, and just happened to be doing that at the time and I dropped my ring. We have searched and searched over the months....DH looked, I looked, even had DS and his friend search - offered them $$ if they found it, NO LUCK.

I went down to start cleaning out the car, since it will be towed on Monday. DH was sitting on the deck, contemplating coming down to help! LOL I called up to him and said that tomorrow when we vacuum I want to get down under the seats really good to see if I could find my ring.

I no sooner put my hand down under the seat, between the passenger seat, and the "hump" in the middle, that my hand fell RIGHT ON my ring. I pulled it out and could NOT believe what was in my hand!

DH couldn't believe it either! I said "I don't belive it", he said "WHAT", and I walked up on the deck to show him. DS was like "NO WAY, WE looked for it, it wasn't there"!!!

I truly believe it wasn't there, until it was time for it to be there! DH and I have prayed and PRAYED about our car situation, and how we didn't feel we would be able to afford to get another one, especially with the other car not being paid for, etc. Thru the Grace of God, and some very WONDERFUL and loving family members, we have been able to obtain what we needed.

Granted, my ring isn't worth a lot. It is 1/4 carat, and I had replaced it with a bigger "fake" one, but it holds tremendous sentimental value to me, value that can NEVER be replaced. I am so thankful that I found it, and really feel that God is telling us that "this will be OK".

I just can't seem to wipe the silly grin off my face!!