Sunday, June 12, 2005

Car Update

DH and I are the proud new owners of a ............................ 2005 Nissan Murano! Oyster Pearl in color! After a couple of rounds with Toyota, we went back down the road to Nissan, they were happy to see us! It was a WONDERFUL experience. Only thing is, we don't have the car yet, it has to be delivered in. We paid a bit extra to have it undercoated, and a sealant on top too (can't remember the technical term) since the salt spray and sand took a toll on our other car, perhaps this will help preserve the new one a bit! We should be able to pick it up early in the week.

I told the salesman it was kind of like having a baby, and having to leave the hospital without it. A letdown for sure, especially after spending all that $$$$$. Guess I need to learn a little more patience!!!

(now to see if I can post this without losing it again - it's my THIRD time trying to get this published)....