Tuesday, June 28, 2005

2 Weddings in 2005

Yep, middle BIL/significant other announced their engagement this past weekend, so now we have a wedding in September and one in October! WOO HOO! I'll no longer be the only DIL, which is FINE with me, since now MIL might meddle in their business some! Actually MIL is very nice, we get along great....she's my replacement mom since my mom passed away years ago.

Work is still crazy.....we are replacing an entire group of physicians here, and it's not pleasant! That's all I can say on that subject!!!

Home is good! DH and I LOVE the new vehicle! I've been VERY diligent about putting her in the garage each night....and NOT eating/drinking in it! DH has brought drinks home - he loves his fountain Diet Cokes...and has brought food home, but hasn't eaten inside! I'm impressed!

On the stitching front, I pulled out Emerald Mermaid and have been stitching on her....putting on some beads in places. I don't have a "lot" left, seaweed and face/hair. I'm hoping to at least have ONE finish in 2005! SHEESH

My stitching time hasn't been like it used to be, and probably won't be for the forseeable future. I have to sit for a certification exam (either in November or April 06), and am having to carve out some study time. I hear Lady of the Flag calling too, and she is 90% done, so maybe I will concentrate on getting some things finished when I do have stitching time!