Friday, May 06, 2005

Update on Life!

Yeah, I know, it's been awhile!! DH has been gone more than home, and with that comes more responsibilities for me. Also, I've been trying to get healthier, and have been working out at Curves. I'm up to an 18 lb WL on Weight Watchers. We have our meetings at work, so it works out really well for me. I then can hit up Curves on the way home from work.

DH is finally home for a little while. I'm hoping we can get the car situation fixed. I have been driving my FIL's truck since our car is dead, and while I appreciate the use of the truck, it's not "ours". The in-laws are saying "keep the truck, we don't need it", and FIL shouldn't be driving anyway, as he doesn't see very well. BIL said I'm doing the entire family a favor by keeping the truck from FIL! LOL

DS is the owner of a nice, new, queen size bed. Bless him, he was sleeping on just a mattress (no box spring) on the FLOOR. Said it was more comfortable, but it really sucked! I guess it DID. At 15 years old, and 6 feet tall, he needed something he didn't hang off of! I saw the full size bed, and it just wouldn't my entire bonus check went for him a new bed. His is better than ours now!

As for work...well, it wasn't a bonus check per se....I reached my max salary this year, receiving a less than expected I received a "lump sum" payment also...of which it STILL didn't meet my expectations...but it was better than one of my co-workers...she received a .7c an hour raise...putting her at the max salary cap, and then receiving a "lump sum". ~sigh~ Sometimes it sux working at the same company for forever and a day.

Bosslady said she would speak with the VP about changing my position and upgrading it to perhaps a team leader, but not sure if that will go or not. And, if I do get to move up when/if she retires, that will certainly open up new opportunities for me.

Right now, I'm just not worrying about it, we have other issues to worry about, like getting reliable (and reasonable) transportation. DH wants the Mustang, I want the Toyota Camry Solara. He likes the Solara, but wants a convertible! What is it with MEN???

Stitching wise, there hasn't been much going on. I've picked up Alhambra Garden and put in stitches here and there. I'm ready to pull out a Mirabilia and get going on it again, maybe Emerald Mermaid....I hear her starting to call my name a little louder!