Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's not that I've been ignoring my blog...I've just chosen NOT to post about my troubles until I could talk about it without a) crying or b) cursing!

As I'm still in the crying stage, I'll just say, that my car died...we still owe TONS of $$$$$ on it.....contemplating taking a loss on it and getting a new(er) one. All I can say is DON'T BUY DODGE......DON'T BUY A DODGE INTREPID ESPECIALLY!!!!! They are BAD news. Internet research is a wonderful thing...just wish I would have done it 2 1/2 years ago before we bought the stupid car.

Anyway......weight wise, I'm down 16 lbs TOTAL. Very excited about that. I've been trying NOT to stress out over the car and eat everything in sight. Instead, I've been focusing my stress on workouts at Curves!

Stitching....still working on Alhambra Garden. SAL was this weekend...didn't get as much time in as I would have liked. Had to ferry DH and the in-laws to the airport Saturday and Sunday....had a terrible headache Saturday, and Sunday I caught up on some much needed sleep...so managed to stitch in the afternoon during the race! (Way to go Jeffy Boy - CONGRATS on your Martinsville win)!!