Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Saw this on a few blogs…..most recently one about Woozles!! Sounded interesting, so thought I’d give it a try!

Accent: Southern, with a bit of hillbilly thrown in.
Bra size: yeah, riiiight
Chore I hate:
Dad's name: Bobby, no, not Robert, Bobby
Essential make-up: under eye circle concealer
Favorite perfume: perfume bothers my allergies, I love Bath & Body Works cucumber melon body splash
Gold or Silver: Gold
Hometown: Hampton, VA
Interesting fact:
Job title: Credentials Analyst
Kids: 1 – 15 year old son
Living arrangements: own house, well the bank does, married to DH
Mom's Birthplace: WV
Number of apples eaten in last week: 0
Overnight hospital stays: 2, tonsils when I was 5 and childbirth
Phobia: snakes
Question you ask yourself a lot: Why?
Religious affiliation: Southern Baptist
Siblings: nope, it’s all about ME
Time I wake up: 5-5:15 am
Unnatural hair color: some blonde on now.
Vegetable I refuse to eat: Rutabagas
Worst habit: I used to chew my nails.
X-rays: mammograms??
Yummy food I make: Biscuits and gravy, lasagna, trifle
Zodiac sign: Virgo