Monday, March 07, 2005

It was a quiet weekend. I didn't really feel all that great. Not sure if it's sinuses or what, but I've had an upset stomach. Woke up today with my nose running, so that could have something to do with the nausea I guess.

So it was nice. We managed to go out Saturday to Ruby Tuesday for lunch and a run to Target. Watched the movie Ray. Wow was Jamie Foxx good in that movie. Sometimes it was like we were seeing Ray Charles there on the screen. AMAZING!

Stitched on MVIII. I'm not happy with it. The VC conversion for one of the colors (blueberry cream) ended up being mostly white/light blue...where the original is a darker blue. Then I used VC seafoam and it ended up being more of the same blue/white with a bit of light green. I couldn't tell the snowflakes were snowflakes!

So I ended up scrapping the VC seafoam and using DMC which was all one color. I like it a little better. Guess I'll keep working on it and go from here...I'm NOT frogging all the blueberry I used up the entire skein almost. I learned my lesson on signing up for something without finding out the materials first, and if I can afford it or not! WOW

So nothing else new going on. Just trying to feel better!