Tuesday, February 15, 2005

We are being invaded by mini-pins....you know, the tiny miniature doberman pincher dogs. Art and his wife next door now have 2, there are 2 houses across the street with (2), and Mike up the road has one. DH said maybe we need one for Nina....it would calm her down (yeah right), she would think it's HER puppy (yeah RIGHT again)....more dog for me to clean up after...although I can't imagine that they eat a lot or poop a lot! LOL But NO, we are not getting another DOG!

Nina smells the 2 next door, she can't really see them when she's down in the yard, and they are up on the deck. I scolded her for barking at them, and she looked right at me, over at them, back at me, and gave me a hrumph. It was quite comical.

On a sad note, Jane and Bob had to have Miss Sadie put to sleep yesterday. She was such a lovable dog, I know they are missing her terribly!

We didn't do much last night for V-Day......although we did celebrate Saturday with lunch at Johnny Carino's. DH got a card....and a Redskins mousepad. DS got chocolates and a card....so they were happy. DS and I ran to Wal-Mart last night as he needed a new pair of shorts for gym....so we were late getting back home.

New this week: Survivor! WOOHOO can't wait for it to start.

Stitching wise - working on Alhambra Garden as my fabric for MVIII is STILL not here. I'm about ready to cancel my order and place one with Silkweavers.

That's about it around our house.........DH is fighting with Inventor 10 trying to get the Beta version installed on his laptop.....as he put it on our Dell and it continues to crash each time he tries to open it! LOL He's NOT impressed!