Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Vinnie Gets His License....

our adopted son (not really....but he'd rather live here than his house, and he calls DH Dad and me Mom) his drivers license's been a looooooong haul for him. He turns 17 in May. FINALLY he got thru the class in school, finished behind the wheel and passed the TEST (he took it yesterday and flunked first thing....making an illegal turn out of the school parking lot)! LMAO opens an entire other can of he and DS will be out and about, at night, without parental supervision. We have to have the talk about wearing seatbelts, not drinking and driving, Please God I'm Only 17 (did your parents show you that poem too)?

He and DS are good kids. They'd rather play computer games. They don't "party", or hang out with other kids. So I really don't need to worry (yet), but I do! I'm a Mom, it's my job to worry!

DS on the other hand is mastering driving. He also fell during track today, got a nice bruise on his knee, elbow and wrist. ~sigh~ Poor kid, he can be a klutz sometimes!

DH has been asked to serve on the Pastor Search committee. My first reaction was "not just no, but $^%^ no"! But I think he will be great on it!

Me, I'm still waiting on MVIII fabric.