Friday, February 18, 2005


I'm SO GLAD it's Friday....I live for Friday's these days!

We have our performance evaluations next week. Mine is Tuesday at 10:00. I guess I'm looking forward to it....I never know what's coming. Take today for instance, we had a mtg....since bosslady is retiring next year we need to plan out what will happen and when. We are the only hospital that does our credentialing, all other credentialing is done by one centralized credentialing center. My gut reaction is OK, they will just incorporate ours into theirs. In order to do this though, we need to STANDARDIZE our process.....each hospital does things differently....and we know that if our credentialing goes to them, then our processes will suffer....they will not adhere to our current higher standards.

Soooo, we want to put our own credentialing center on this side of the water (2 hospitals over here, 4 across the bay). We have a mtg on Monday with our VP of Medical Affairs to discuss our "concerns and issues"....then on Tuesday we have another mtg with same VP and a VP from across the bay. On top of this, with bosslady leaving, we will still need someone at our hospital to handle the day to day medical staff issues.

I don't want to work across the bay. It would be about a 45 min to an hour drive (that's on a GOOD day), with tunnel traffic. DH works over there and travels sux.

The decision is out of our hands....I know that. It's probably already been decided. I just wish they would TELL us, and not keep us wondering and guessing.

DH's schedule for February, March and April is just bizarre. He has 3 days in March that aren't filled, and the first day available in April is around the 18th. I'm kinda over his job too.

On a POSITIVE note, I rec'd an e-mail from Kathy @ European XStitch, that my fabric has been shipped to her from Zweigart, and once she receives it next week, it will be on it's way to ME!! WOOHOO

Sunday is the Daytona 500..........THANK GOD NASCAR IS BACK!