Sunday, February 13, 2005

Today was Pastor Dave's last Sunday at church. While I know it is for the best, I am so BUMMED. Our church really needs some healing....I only hope we don't rush into anything soon, and take time and work on healing inside. Business meeting should be interesting on Wednesday night.

On the home front....I got a new cell phone, and I have a signal at my house! We live the farthest in the city from a cell tower. We never, ever, have a signal on our cell phone with Alltel. Luckily, my contract had expired, and my phone died. DH's contract doesn't end until July. So I went to RadioShack and bought a prepaid Verizon one. We wanted to check Verizon out, as that's who DH wants to go with when his contract with Alltel is up. I really don't use a cell phone a lot, so a pre-paid one is fine for me.

Ta - Da - I get 2, yep 2 BLIP LINES of SIGNAL!! I can actually make a call from my living room if I need to! WOOHOO. In case of a power outage, or another hurricane, or whatever, I will have a cell phone signal! YES!

Stitching wise, it's Alhambra Garden SAL weekend, and I am SAL'ing! If I knew how to post a pic in a blog, I would.....guess that will be DS's new thing to teach me! LOL