Friday, January 28, 2005


Need I say more! It's been a Looong week! We are supposed to get more rain/sleet/snow this weekend, so I'm going to load up on the makings for soup today. I only have to work 5.5 hours, since after that I will be on OT for the week, so I'm leaving at 12:15! WOOHOO

Tomorrow (Saturday), Shel and I are hitting up Haus Tirol (LNS) to do some shopping. I don't need anything, but will browse, and maybe see if I can find a subsitute fabric for MVIII, or if they have Cobblestone 28 ct in stock. Mine has been on backorder for ages.

DS ends up the semester today in school. I have not heard anything from them regarding his attendance waiver (due to absences from his surgery), so I am assuming that he has been approved. According to the dean of boys if I don't hear anything, he's been approved (isn't that bass ackwards??).....