Sunday, January 30, 2005

Inlaws vs Outlaws

I've always prided myself in NOT having in-law problems. I have the best in-laws....we go on vacation together, my MIL says I'm the daughter she never had, the 3 boys say "Suz is the favorite".......~sigh~ until lately......

And, it's all over church. Yep, where we are all supposed to be Christians, and act appropriately. Loving others, helping others, living to glorify God.

Our pastor has resigned. Amid a host of reasons, wrong decisions, rumors, etc. My in-laws wanted him to go....they were rooting for him to go, stirring the pot, leading the attack.

DH and I really like the pastor, and are sad to see him leave. He's been at our church for 12 months. That's it. He's our age, and we really got to know him and grew close with him.

I'm now trying to figure out HOW to get over these feelings I am having towards my in-laws. I've seen a different side of them these past 4-5 months, and it's not pretty. People that I have grown to respect, I'm not sure I do anymore. People that I have grown to honor, it's going to be difficult to do.

I asked DH how I'm supposed to get over this. Am I to just "suck it up" and forget it? He said unfortunately, yes....probably so. Not to stoop to their level. I know he's right. Unfortunately I've been so hurt by all of this I don't know if I can ever go back to that particular church, or ever go to a church where my in-laws also attend. I think that's the key....not to be at the same church as family. I don't know. I've been an emotional wreck for the past few days....and it all came to a head today.

Thank goodness for Dairy Queen Blizzards. I comforted myself thru a Reese Cup one.