Thursday, January 20, 2005

A little bit of snow.......A LOT of trouble

Around here, if we get even a little causes big problems on the highways. We had just a dusting of snow yesterday afternoon, and rush hour traffic went nowhere...for HOURS. Hubby usually has about a 50 minute ride home, took him 4 hours normal 15 minutes turned into an hour.

We just aren't prepared for this stuff....we are in a high volume traffic area, bridges and tunnels everywhere, people from all over the country live here due to our military bases, and not everyone knows how to drive in this stuff. People, you can't drive "normal" in snow....oh, and normal does not mean 75 mph in a 55 mph either.

So today, there is no school anywhere, cause what was on the roads is now ice. Last I heard, the sand trucks were trying to get to the roads, but couldn't because of the trafficjams. DH had put in to work from home the next 2 days, as he has to go to Baltimore on Sunday for a certification exam on Monday (more snow expected this weekend). The dog is still under the covers daring anyone to bother her.

I'm waiting to see the sun up for a bit before going in.