Wednesday, January 19, 2005

!!!!!15 and 6 months!!!!!

DS hit the milestone on Sunday! 15 and 6 months. In Virginia, you can get your learner's permit at that age. As Monday was a holiday, the DMV was closed, much to DS's dismay! So....I pick him up from school on Tuesday and head to the DMV. After an hour wait, DS was called up to take the vision test, show his proof of identity and to take the test. I prayed the entire time he was taking the test....please let him pass, please let him pass. Then when I saw the smile on his face...I thought....OH GOD, HE PASSED!

I let him drive partway home, once we got closer to the house and in less's a good thing. I pulled into a church so he could go around the parking lot and get the feel of the car. He needs to get a handle on brakes and when to slow down when a curve is coming up.

I need to get a handle on explaining things in smaller words! LOL

DH hasn't managed to get in the car with him yet...........the chicken! LOL