Tuesday, November 18, 2003

All the stitching I did on the Christmas Mystery this weekend, well, the leaves I stitched, I now have to frog......so I moved on to part 2 and will go back and finish part 1...sigh...I just couldn't bring myself to stitch more leaves! LOL

Monday I went in to work early so I could leave earlier than usual to get the dog to the vet. I've been really worried about her recently. She hasn't been feeling good. It was time for yearly visit and shots, so she got those, and had the "glands" expressed.....hopefully that will do the trick of her feeling better. The vet couldn't feel anything really, and he did bloodwork and took a stool sample, both which came back fine. I of course thought the worst before I took her in, so I am very relieved he didn't find anything other than "normal beagle"!