Saturday, November 15, 2003

Home Improvement Stores.....I guess to men it is like LNS's are to stitchers. We just returned from Home Depot. DH has been talking about a pressure washer for ages. Yes, I guess we do "need" one. We have found some mold growing down in the garage (I'm assuming leftovers from the 33 inches of water we had in there from Isabel). The deck needs cleaned as well, also some of the aluminum siding on the house. It was probably cheaper in the long run to buy a washer than hire someone or rent one.

I don't mind that he bought it. But it's the atomosphere when you walk into these stores. As a female, I feel that I walk in and the guys think "uh-oh, here comes another idiotic female that doesn't know her --- from a hole in the ground". Which for the most part might be right, but do they have to think it loud enough for me to hear it! LOL

I like going to these stores also...I really do. I get great decorating ideas. We browsed around in the appliance section for awhile. DS wanted a mini fridge for his room. I was already thinking of getting him one for Christmas, so we said "nope". We did get a ceiling fan for his bedroom, with a really cool light.

At least this pressure washer will give DH a "project" to work on for awhile!! and after our house, I'm sure I can talk his mom into calling and asking him to work on their house!!! LOL