Sunday, December 07, 2003

Gee, it's been awhile!

The family is all gearing up for our cruise this coming weekend! I am so excited to be going to different countries where I have never been before (and probably won't have the opportunity to again)! My in-laws are taking the entire family on a cruise as our Christmas present this year (the week before though). I don't even know what time the plane leaves next Saturday! I guess that info will come this week sometime. I'm trying to just "go with the flow", but I'm one of these people that like to have my stuff in order WAY BEFORE HAND.

My BIL is planning out our excursions......again, I haven't a clue....but am going along with whatever. I figure I will enjoy it anyway, so what's the point about getting upset not knowing about it?

DS is very excited about going....being out of school for 5 extra days! He is taking one of his friends, so he will have someone to hang out with onbooard.

I haven't finished my Christmas shopping, although I am pretty close! The out of town presents are done and sent. I just need to pick up a few things for my co-workers. Christmas is going to be low-key around the house this year, due to the cruise, but should be fun and there will be food!!

I haven't stitched all week, it's just been busy trying to get work caught up, and home life also. I am taking the Chatelaine Mini Mandalas on the cruise with me.