Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Here comes fall! The weather outside is changing, the smell of wood burning in the fireplace or stove is filling the air at night. My windows to the house have been open, but tonight I will have to close them, as it is supposed to get really cool here.

Bring on the beans n cornbread, I say. That is one food that I just love in the fall. Yes, I was raised on this staple. In the mountains of WV, that is one food that I did learn to love. I can pass on the rutabagas (GROSS) and probably squirrel and dumplings, but beans and cornbread! YUMM

Luckily I married a guy that loves them as much as I do!

I haven't stitched a lot since Sunday. Monday night brought Holly & Ivy Sampler, which I grew increasingly frustrated with. I hope to put in an hour or so tonight......