Sunday, October 19, 2003

Does anyone else hate going to the grocery store as much as I do? I really, REALLY don't like to go. Matter of fact, I'd rather clean house, do laundry, mow the yard...just about anything else. Guess where I just came back from! Yup, the good ole grocery store! It's not that I mind going and putting the groceries in the cart....I just don't like the checking out part, lugging them home and then trying to find a place to put them. There were 3 check out lines open this morning, 2 of which were the "pay and go" lines, where you check out yourself. Normally I don't mind going in those. Neither did anyone else today because both of those lines were loong. At least I did get a good cashier! She was one that had been there for a few years, used to be somewhat of a neighbor before we moved.

I did find it interesting the # of men at the grocery store with their wives/ significant others. I probably noticed about 5 couples there today, which that I noticed was something. Most of the time I don't notice things like that. I guess today, because I was by myself, DS didn't even go, and he usually does the scanning at the pay and go line for me! DH will go to the grocery store with me, but of course ends up adding quite a few things to the cart that we really "don't" need, but he wants! LOL

For an update, I had a wonderful time in Wmbg yesterday with Michelle. We hit up Haus Tirol at 10:00 sharp. There were some other ladies that came in to shop, and I found it interesting that we were the youngest in the store (I'm 39), and the shop owner talked to us just as she did the other ladies. I'm not sure the other ladies were as amused, since we obviously were "in their way" when they were trying to get to the counter to check out.

As for STASH, yesterday.....I did really good, I didn't buy a lot, (since I have Chatelaine's Mini Mandela's coming my way across the USA).......but I did get the Wisper I needed for Winter Queen. I picked up 2 charts: Happy Everything by Little River; and Charmed Old Glory by Hinzeit. These both look like quick stitching! Matter of fact, I started Charmed Old Glory last night, and am about 1/4 of the way through it. I bought a piece of 28 ct Lugana, that has wonderful "sparklies" throughout it. It is stitching up nicely!