Friday, October 17, 2003

TGIF! That's all I can say! It's been a Loooooonnnngggg Week! Work has been really hectic! We had a meeting today we had to travel to, started at 12:30 and I didn't get back to the office until around 3:30. I spent the morning hours doing the agenda, copying and adding stuff to the packet, when others decided they "couldn't attend, do you mind covering my spot for me"? So more copying and redoing the packets took place!

Tomorrow I am meeting my friend Michelle (Shelhed) at the LNS in Wmbg, and we are going SHOPPING! I have to pick up some White Wisper (AGAIN) for my Miribilia Winter Queen. I say again, because I think this is the 3rd time I have bought it. My dog has decided she is in love with Wisper. It must smell really good to her, because she wants to just cover her body in it. So she chews it off the card, lays on it, twists around on it, gets it ALL over her!!!! I am going to have to keep it away from her, that's for sure!!

We just got back from Target and DH, DS and one of DS's friends is loading up Matrix Reloaded. I think I may go take a nice long bath, do my nails, etc.! ~sigh~

A stash report will follow tomorrow!!