Thursday, April 21, 2011

Big Changes!

Well, the past few months have brought BIG changes to the Belcher household. DH and I are now empty nesters. Yup, and I SURVIVED it! Not without a few tears hear and there (and they still pop up every now and then). DS had dropped the hint a few months ago that he and his GF/fiancee were "looking at apartments". The girlfriend's dad has a new lady friend and wasn't home much, so he offered to have DS move in there. Their house is about 3/4 of a mile away, so it's still close, but we rarely see either of them. Their schedules are different - he starts work at 7 a.m., and she doesn't get off work usually until 9:30 pm. I'm not too thrilled with the fact that they are "living together", but I have to get over that I guess. I can't tell them how to live their life. I am thankful they are in a committed relationship though, and DS truly loves her and has told me on more than one occasion "Mom, she is THE ONE for me".

So, DH and I are figuring out a new relationship on our end. It's kind of nice to be able to do what we want, when we want. I've had to learn to "let go". It's nice not having as much laundry to wash. The first time DS did his laundry after he moved out, it DID result in not one, but two phone calls to me with questions. I did laugh over that.

On a professional level, I have a new job that I start on April 25. After 29 years, I left my employer and will be working for good ole Uncle Sam (or Uncle Obama as my good friend Geni told me - since she knows my feelings about him lol). I will still be working in credentialing, at a naval hospital in our area. I will have a longer commute (45 mins approx vs a 15-20 minute one), I'm hoping it won't be too bad, but I will have one tunnel to go through. Luckily, it isn't *the* busiest one here in the area, which is prone to backups and delays - so I'm hoping most days are smooth sailing.

I'm off this week and "unemployed". I'm trying to get the house decluttered and in order. Sadly, it's going much slower than I anticipated. LOL Monday and Tuesday I didn't do much of anything - just enjoyed being home, and having DH home. His work schedule has been absolutely CRAZY. Last week he was in Sioux Falls, SD (and DS happened to be in Kansas City) - both gone on the same week - and it was an emotional week for me, since it was my last week at my former employer. DH has made a point to work from home this week and we have lunch dates, and taking a few breaks during the day to sit on the deck and relax for a few minutes. I did have an amazing Tastefully Simple party Tuesday night (almost $700 in sales so far). Tomorrow (Friday), DH and DS have off, so we are going to hit up Busch Gardens Williamsburg, and DH's partner at work is treating us to lunch there. He invited us to go with his family. Busch Gardens has an awesome B1G1F ticket - so it worked out great for us. DS needs to find a friend or we have a $15 off any ticket deal for him.

That's all for now!


Susan said...

It's nice to see a blog post from you, Suzanne.

Congratulations on your new job - how are you settling in? I hope the commute isn't too bad for you.

Congratulations on being empty nesters - I've got such a long way to go until I'm in the same position, so I'm very envious!

Enjoy your trip to Busch Gardens!

Valerie said...

Glad to have found another fellow stitcher in VA!!! Nice progress on Shores of Hawk Run Hollow! Being that you are from the fits! I have Shores all kitted up and hope to start it sometime this year.

Again, it is nice to find another fellow Virginian! Happy Stitching!

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