Saturday, February 26, 2011

And now we have Lexie.......

Lexie came to us via Craigslist. A young (very young) military couple had her in small apartment over in Norfolk. After several phone calls, one of which in the background I heard the male owner say "if she wants her tell her to come get her...RIGHT NOW". Apparently several people had called about Lexie and set up a time to meet her, but didn't show up. So, off we went and we brought her home. She's MUCH happier here. She will now leave food in her bowl - when we first got her, she wolfed down food like she had never had any before.

Guess who is is her favorite?

Where ever DH is.........Lexie is usually right beside him. He worked from home the entire month of January as he was writing a training manual. So, they were home all day together!

She is really TOO big to be a lap dog.

Such a goofball

We need to get her in a training class. She's right now just a year old. Also, she spazzes out when she sees other dogs (especially when they are loose and running around the neighborhood). Her bark is really LOUD and annoying. Nina was bigger than the beagle next door, but Lexie is huge. Much longer and taller. I think she's more walker coonhound or Harrier....but whatever she is...........I think we will keep her!


Bee Jay said...

so good to read you're back Suzanne. Have missed your posts! Ever so sorry to hear about Nina too. How sad! Looks like you'll all have your work cut out for you with young Miss Lexie though! Our son in Tx has a 2yr old beagle named Sidney. They are very endearing! Blessings!