Saturday, December 18, 2010

Where Did the Time Go? -

(this post was originally started on Dec 18 - The day we put Nina down)

I'm not sure where the fall of 2010 went. It started in September, when we discovered our sweet Nina dog had a mast cell tumor on her front paw. After having it aspirated and meeting with our vet, and referred to and meeting with a surgical vet, instead of amputating at the shoulder, we opted to amputate 2 toes on her paw. She was 10, our lifestyle and where we live would have made it difficult for her to get by on 3 legs. Anyway, the same day she had her surgery, my father-in-law underwent double bypass surgery. Recouperation on both took weeks...

December brought us to our much planned for Disney vacation. 23 people total from my husband's side of the family. In-laws and out-laws so to speak. It was fun and we totally relaxed and had a great time. Mom-in-law and Father-in-law tooled around Disney and Universal on scooters.

The week after we came back, we noticed a knot on Nina's neck. It literally grew overnight and by the time we got her to the vet and had it aspiration, it was the diameter of a softball. So not good. Again, it was mast cell tumor and the vet said there was really nothing to do but make her comfortable. I found out on the way home driving thru snow (which around here causes havoc no matter how little or much snow we get). That same night, on the way home, DS ended up spinning out and putting his car in a ditch. NOT a good day.

He went the next day and traded in his car for a BAT (Big @** Truck) Ford F250 4X4. Yes, he bought it himself, we didn't have to co-sign for it. :)

We made the difficult decision to put Nina down the Saturday before Christmas. I still cry (and am now) just thinking about it. Such a sad day. Our neighbors came over the night before and spent some time with her, we all just cried together while loving on her. She was on mega pain drugs and you could still see the waves of pain move through her. Can I just say, I HATE CANCER.

I cried for two days before hand and for days and weeks after wards. I still miss her desperately. I can't bring myself to change the picture on my phone and i-pod. So I see her every time I pick those up.

Now we have Lexie - who, is quickly stealing our hearts. Although she has become DH's dog. He was out of town last week and she was NOT happy that he didn't come home at night. She would look out the window and whine and pine for him. I'll share the story of how she came to live with us in a future post. The picture below is her on Christmas night, laying on DH's knee. She was tuckered out from all the nephews and people that had come by to visit.


Susan said...

{{{hugs}}} Suz. I cried reading your post. I am so sorry about the loss of Nina. Until we got Indy, I never realized how quickly dogs become part of your family; even though we have only had her for less than 18 months, I couldn't imagine how I would feel if something happened to her, and you had Nina for so much longer, so I can only imagine the pain you have been going through.

I'm glad that you found another little dog to bring into your lives and your hearts. I hope she becomes a big a part of your family as Nina was.

Yikes on your DS having that accident - I bet he feels much safer with his nice truck!

More {{{hugs}}} - thanks for sharing.

Susan said...

I meant to add - I was thinking about you today, with the Daytona 500 being on!