Friday, June 04, 2010

I'm having a House Party!

My neighbor is a member of and a few months ago she was selected to have a Digiorno pizza party during the basketball playoffs. sent her coupons for free pizzas for the party, party favors, games to play, etc. DH and I went and had a blast! She has also been selected for a Hasbro game night party in the next few weeks.

I signed up (it's FREE), and have been applying to host some parties that looked interesting. When I was a little girl, my grandma canned every summer the fresh produce from her garden. One of the parties was to host a Ball Fresh Taste of Summer party. Guess what, yep, I was selected to host!

My party is Saturday. I received a huge box last week, with a Ball Elite canner, along with the utensils, coupons for 4 dozen Ball canning jars (THAT went over well at the grocery store LOL), coupons to share with my guests, recipes, along with fruit pectin boxes and some nice recyclable bags to carry your groceries in for goodie bags. We will be making salsa and pepper jelly. It should be fun! I did buy all 4 dozen canning jars, and since we will be using only 2 dozen - I'm going to give the other two away as door prizes, along with the extra Ball Blue Book on canning.
Do any of you can? My grandma made the BEST green beans. I can remember huge mason jars of green beans down in the basement lining the shelves. Oh they were SO GOOD (even my DH misses those green beans).
Check out and see if there's any parties you would be interested in! Not everyone that applies gets selected for the party, but it sure is worth it when you are selected! I LOVE all the freebies!


staci said...

FUN! Happy Canning!!!

Carol said...

I'll have to check out that website. I love canning. I did a lot of it in the 90's when stayed at home. I still do some, mostly salsa and pickles.

Bee Jay said...

A party of that kind really sounds a blast - kinda from the past - LOL. Reminds me of my childhood and early marriage when frantic efforts were made to preserve fruit, tomatoes, vegetables and almost anything else we could get fresh in readiness for the winter. Great memories! Blessings!