Saturday, May 09, 2009

Now that spring is here, we have all sorts of wildlife around. I've seen a possum twice, waddling around. Nina saw it one morning around 6:15, and decided the entire neighborhood needed to hear about it. LOL There's nothing like a beagle bay, especially THAT early in the morning.

This guy was hanging around one evening too. He had a sibling on the other side of the grass, but I wasn't able to grab a picture of him. They are hiding out in the pampas grass.

This is our neighbors pool that was covered for the winter. We've had so much rain, that the DUCKS decided it made a great duck pond. LOL Sadly, the neighbor took the cover off the afternoon I took this picture. Too funny, huh?

It's been a busy week at work, what else is new. DS heard back from the job he interviewed with (about a month ago). They want him to come back in on Thursday to discuss the job description, and salary/benefits. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

He also had a (shhhhh date) on Thursday night this week. A gal from the neighborhood. They went to the movies together, although they drove separately - I don't know why - but I think it has something to do with DS's LOUD truck......anyway, he finally opened up a bit about her today. I'm trying not to pry, which if you know me, is REALLY HARD. LOL

ALSO, on the DS front, he has his grades from this semester at school - 3 A's and 1 B. Two classes were for 4 credits, so I'm thrilled that he's doing so well. If he gets this job, he will have to transfer to night classes, which is fine. He only has about 6 more to take though to get his associates degree. A full time job will probably delay that a bit, but hey, at least he would be working in a field of his study, which would encourage him to keep taking the classes.

Hope all of you have a WONDERFUL and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY tomorrow!!!