Monday, May 04, 2009

I had a killer sinus headache this weekend, so no postings from me. We didn't do a whole lot, mainly because I felt so bad. Saturday DS had 2 softball games, which DH went to. I turned the TV off and had some peace and quiet. It was wonderful!

Yesterday was Sunday School (I had to teach since our regular teacher was out of town)..and church (I had nursery). DH's new class (this is week three) went from 5 people, to 11 people yesterday! We know the numbers will go up in the summer when the college students are home too. He was thrilled and apparently got a shout out from the Pastor during the worship service.

I picked up my Shores of Hawk Run Hollow Saturday night, while watching the Nascar race. No, we didn't go this year, and I was very thankful - especially with the deluge of rain that we had over the weekend (probably another reason my head was hurting, the barometric pressure is horrid). I do not want to be at the race track in the rain....nope, no WAY. LOL Anyway, back to the stitching, I stitched *maybe* 100 stitches, before deciding my eyes just couldn't take the glare from the Ott light, so I quit.

It's overcast and rainy one minute, and the next it's sunshine. Supposed to be like this thru the week. Everything sure has turned GREEN can almost see the grass growing it's so happy. LOL

Hope everyone has a great week.


Susan said...

I'm sorry about the headache. :(

I haven't worked on Shores for the past month - I really need to get back to it! Good luck with getting some work done on it this week!

Carol said...

It wasn't too bad at the race Suz, but no rain at all would have been better. It was muddy in the parking lot and some heavy downpours in the early afternoon made us retreat into the truck. Rain stopped for good by race time.