Friday, May 22, 2009

No, that streak in the sky isn't a plane, it's the TacSat-3 rocket, which was launched from NASA's Wallops Island on Tuesday evening this week. They had been trying to launch for several days, but bad weather always got in the way. Tuesday evening was perfect!

It's been a really BUSY week at work, and next week I'm only working two days, so it's gonna be NUTS. At least it's a long weekend - LOVE 3 day weekends! Today was a work at home day for me too, so it was nice NOT having to fight traffic or anything else.

DS asked this morning if we wanted to meet "the girl". LOL They headed out to the movies this afternoon, and she picked him up (her vehicle has a/c, DS's doesn't). LOL He said they are not BF/GF just yet, but still "getting to know one another"....yeah, whatever.....he's met her parents and she's met his, so I figure it won't be TOO long before they become a couple.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! Here's to lots of fun in the sun, good food, fun drinks, some REALLY GREAT RACING - (ya'll know what I'll be doing after church on Sunday - Indy 500 & Coca-Cola 600 - can it get any better than that).....



Carol said...

REALLY GREAT RACING! Last night my brother told me he had 4 extra tickets for the race. DH and I were all over it until I remembered I had committed to keeping the grandbaby all 3 days. DD said all she could do was not go to work so we knew we couldn't let her down. Oh well, there's always next year. I'll be watching it from the comforts of home.