Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy week!

My day off Monday, I didn't do a whole lot of catching up from the weekend of stitching and no housework. LOL It felt good not to do a whole lot too.

Tuesday back to work. Had a meeting that night with a group of women in the area that are independent consultants for a company. I've actually decided to become an independent consultant myself and will be talking more about that at a later date. They were very welcoming though and made me feel right at home.

Wednesday, hit up Curves on the way home from work and then did a mad dash thru the grocery store. $174 later, and today I heard that there's nothing in the house to eat. Methinks someone else other than ME should start grocery shopping - LOL

Thursday - In the evening I went to a party that my mentor for the new business was having. I had only been to one party previously and wanted to see how she presented the products. Tasted a few of the items I hadn't tried before - YUM!!

Friday - Didn't hear the alarm go off at 5:15, crawled bleary eyed out of bed at 6:00. Made it to work on time though! LOL Luckily I had my clothes ready to jump into after shower and hair drying. Hit up Curves on the way home again - TWICE this week - YAY. I only ned 5 more visits to reach 200. It's spending time with the family night - so we 3 go off to Buffalo Wild Wings where we help each other in the Trivia game (2). DH wins both games. After dinner, we go to Barnes & Noble - DS buys 2 books - a teenager reading is a GREAT thing! I buy a few books and a new journal for church, DH buys a book on tape and a hardcover. $100 later (I splurged and got a discount card, and saved $21, which almost covered the $25 discount fee). Our B&N in our town opens on the 25th, so I know we will be buying more books over the next year.

Now we are home and I'm trying to get caught up on blogging. I have a whole LIST of things to get done tomorrow, which includes a trip to the bank to make a deposit and open up a new account for business purposes. I'd like to get in a workout at Curves too while there. We shall see. The first order of business, is grabbing a new book, and curling up in bed. I really need to catch up on some sleep. LOL



Susan said...

You definitely had a busy week!

Yay for fitting in two trips to Curves, though - that's great!

Carol said...

good luck on the new business venture! It sounds tasty!