Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I had a GC left over from my birthday last year (actually was given to me just in January, but that was fine with me).....so I did a little stash shopping last week. Good thing too... since those days are gone for a bit! Luckily, I have PLENTY of stash to keep me busy for the rest of my life without every buying anything else.....just not enough TIME to stitch it!

I LOVE the new Country Cottage charts. Beach Cottage and She Sells SeaShells. There's one more that I want to pick up, but will probably wait for a nice sale on it. I saw Free Bird (Plum Street Samplers) on the designer's blog, and just fell for it. I love anything patriotic.

I managed to get a 15 min workout in on the treadmill....part of that was jogging - so even though it was a short workout, at least I got moving. I'm hoping to go a bit longer and/or farther each time. Man, I am SO out of shape!!!!!



Susan said...

I love the new CCN charts, too - I'm working on Beach Cottage right now :)

Nice stash!